Save your money – do not buy from

Once again, a new betting script website appeared out of nowhere on Google searches after putting some effort into SEO campaigns to rank their website, and this website decided to take things to the next level by claiming to sell full source code download files with popular betting scripts belonging to multi-millionaire companies and claiming to sell these at 1-3% of the normal listing price. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yes, it is

Let’s take a look at what they’re offering. The first thing we noticed is that they initially started by stealing images, text, and demo links from other competitors’ websites, such as some of’s websites, resellers, and partner websites, and from there they quickly expanded to picking random websites and claiming they have these source codes just to get some sales and steal your money because it’s a 100% guaranteed honey pot scam website.

So, let’s start by looking at what they’re selling. If you don’t know what to look for, you might be one of the unlucky ones looking for 2000 dollars because this script was created by and belongs to us. Yes, this is an script, and you can see a complete live listing and demo on our own website right HERE.

In theory, even if they sell you a nulled, cracked, or cloned script based on our original betting script, which you can buy 100% legit with free lifetime updates and odds data in our shop (for less than half the price the scammers are asking for it), you will end up with an old, outdated script that is most likely riddled with bugs and, in most cases, a hidden back door through which they can walk right in and out of your server, stealing information, money transactions.

They utilize pretty much any generic material to make the script sound exclusive and appealing to potential purchasers, who are probably unaware that if they buy from, they will be completely ripped off.
How do we know there aren’t 2000 casino games in this script? We created the real script from scratch, so there’s nothing else to say about it.
This script comes with 14 casino games by default, not 2000.
They claim that the average price for a full script is $150K and that a limited script is $5999 USD, yet we, as the original script supplier and author of this script, charge only 850 USD for the whole script.

Another easy way to tell if they are a shady website is that they have a US virtual WhatsApp number that you can easily buy and claim you are based in another country, in this case to make potential clients and scammed clients believe they are located on the other side of the world and will be impossible to locate.
They are not located where they say they are since the automated translation is in Hindi, and a simple and easy method to tell is to talk with them on local Hindi time and US time.
Their customer service has no idea what they’re attempting to market and will offer you anything as long as you pay.



Yes, this is our demo, our sub-domain and you can buy this script in our shop.
The scammer dont have any of their scripts hosted as a real demo on their own domain because they dont have the script.

Unfortunately, these websites will always pop up and are powered by thieves whose only goal is to take your money and leave you empty-handed, and we have several clients reporting they actually bought from and other scam websites, then asked us why they didn’t get the script, why we didn’t support them, and why we stopped responding after payment, and the reason is very simple: they are online scammers, and we are the real, true, and original betting script provider and offer free support.
Of course, this website has been reported, and we are taking action; nevertheless, keep in mind that all scripts they claim to sell are scams, not just this one.