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Buying our full betting software platform

The Altenabet betting platform is a truly amazing gambling software product that combines the most popular game providers along with a high end and beautiful UI and enough power under the hood to hold thousands of active players at the same time with no issues at all.

Our betting software should never be compared with any simple script or “basic” betting software platform because what we have is a piece of art, carved out by hand during years of development and have driven many white label brands and buy out software customers to complete success in running their own betting and casino website using our turnkey gambling platform.

With this said, it would be crazy if you go to any other betting software provider without fully understanding the power and endless possibilities you would have by using our betting system as the core of your business.

We offer both white label solutions or complete full system buy out where you simply just pay a one time fee, no monthly costs or revenue share split to us from your earnings.
If you are advancing in the gambling business and want the possibility to expand and create your own sub brands and white labels, then our buy out software solution wuild suit your needs.