Evolution live casino

evolution live casino

Evolution live casino now added to our portfolio

As of today we now have Evolution gaming live dealers available in our gambling platform available both as white label option and included in the full source code betting software purchase option.

As you start looking at Live Casino software solutions that are available in the industry, one thing becomes very clear. Evolution Gaming leads the way in this space with their award winning B2B live casino services that not only help operators become successful, but offer a wonderful experience for players as well. Evolution Gaming was introduced and formally launched in 2006.

The company is located in Riga, Latvia where they have build their first and largest studio. This facility has well over 100 tables and is known as the largest live casino operation in Europe. They have also expanded their operations to other locations worldwide such as Malta, Aalst and a few brick and mortar casinos in Europe.

Their focus so far has largely been on the European market but they do also cater to other parts of the world. The Evolution Gaming team has grown to over 2740 full time employees and employs another 800 or so on a part time basis. As for company revenues, Evolution has increased their revenues drastically over the years and reported EUR 115.5 million in 2016.

They provide live casino services to over 100 operators both online and at land based casinos. Their team is constantly looking to grow and get their software into new casinos to fulfill their company goal of being the “leading live casino provider in the world.”

Dealers at Evolution Gaming

We spoke a bit about the dealers above as we went through each game. But now let’s talk about our general consensus in dealing with the dealers across the board. The dealer interaction was more than I thought it would be. At every game, the dealers did a great job of talking to players and saying hello as new players joined. There were even a few cases where the dealers remembered a player from a previous session.

That’s one thing you never can get at a standard casino, but you can at a live dealer casino. The English language was very good by every dealer we experienced. Some had a bit more of an accent than others, but all were easily understandable. Dealers were dressed to impress and all seemed to be professionals and good looking individuals.

We found it neat that you could see three or four dealers at a time in the background — and every dealer we saw was doing a great job. Engaging and “attractive” dealers is a huge selling point for all casinos. Evolution Gaming has made it a point to invest in some of the best live dealers around. Props once again!

What Sets Evolution Gaming Apart

As we come to a conclusion in this Evolution Gaming review, we want to recap some of the selling points that makes Evolution Gaming different from the rest. The large number of classic casino games offered in the “live dealer” format is a huge plus.

Most live dealer software solutions provide the standard games, but Evolution Gaming goes above and beyond to offer some things that others simply don’t. All of their games offer multiple variations as well. This gives players more options as to what type of live dealer game they want to play. What stakes, what bonuses, what side bets, and so on. The presentation from the tables, to the casino decor to the dealers is very high quality.

Not every live casino provider can say that — but we can confidently say Evolution Gaming games & dealers are pleasing to the eye. There is a reason that Evolution Gaming was named the “Live Casino Supplier of the Year” 7 out of 7 times at the EGR B2B Awards. They want to be considered the leaders in the industry, and we are on board, they are the best in the live casino business for now.