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Unfortunately, we had multiple cases of good-trusting buyers reported that they lost their money when buying from
believing they were actually buying official Altenabet casino and betting scripts from another vendor.
Since Altenabet is the No. 1 casino script and betting software provider online, it does attract these kinds of people who are taking advantage of hard-working people with one and only purpose: to steal your money. scam website india

Stay safe

Make sure you are buying Altenabet official casino & betting software solutions from us to avoid loosing your money and start focusing on your business in the online gambling segment.

Beware of online scammers

Beware of as this is a scam website claiming to sell casino and betting scripts online, but the sad reality is that is just out to steal your money and scam people for money who thought they bought legit Altenabet software and scripts created by other developers. also runs several similar-looking websites, and with this said, make sure you are buying official Altenabet casino and betting software directly from Altenabet
or from any of our official reseller websites wich can be verified on our website.

Multiple scam websites also runs multiple websites with different domain names but same content and we earlier reported about scam website which you can read about here.
After we unreveiled this scam website they changed design and some content but as you can see they still uses the same virtual whatsapp number and address in india which by the way leads to an empty house.
The scams are all the same, they accept your payment and then send you either nothing at all or a total different script anyone can find for free online.

How to stay safe

No other casino and betting script website offers nearly the same amount of demos and scripts as Altenabet betting software.
We are proud to tell you that only from you will you have a reliable support along with full source code and free support to create your very own online casino and betting website.
Regardless from where you are buying from, make sure that you feel safe buing from a reliable casino and betting software provider to avoid loss of time and money along the way.


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