BET365 betting script

It is impossible to purchase the original BET365 betting system for any “reasonable amount” because it is one of the world’s largest and most popular betting websites, and if someone claims to have a perfect clone or the actual Bet365 betting platform within a reasonable budget but cannot display any demo that you can verify either by domain or the seller in person, don’t fall victim to another betting script scam.

The reason we bring this up is that there are numerous websites claiming to sell this specific betting script, but in reality, it is not a “betting script.”  If you could buy a copy of the Bet365 platform, it would be a super huge and extremely advanced iGaming betting platform, not a PHP script with a MySQL database.

Our BET365 style betting scripts

We offer BET365 “styled” betting scripts, which means the design is similar to the bet365 betting website, and by purchasing it, you will be able to launch your own bet365 styled betting script website within a few days, fully ready with your domain name ready for action, accept players and deposits, and run the betting website with full management control. Let’s take a look at some of the popular Bet365-style betting scripts we offer.

GOAL365 betting script

The Goal365 betting script is one of our most popular bet365 design-inspired betting scripts, and clients all over the world are utilizing it with tremendous success and achieving incredible revenue numbers; you, too, can do it!

Popular features of the Goal365

  • 24/7 live matches from 40+ sports
  • Pre match events from all major sports
  • 100% Free lifetime odds data included
  • Casino games included, slots, table games etc
  • One time cost, NO monthly fees!
Another popular script

SPORT365 Betting script

The Sport365 betting script is based on the same fundamental technology as the previously stated Goal365 betting script, but with an updated frontend and improved mobile betting functionality for those searching for a more user-friendly mobile betting experience for their users.

  • You can easily regulate manual credits to players and money deposits. Accept real money deposits via cryptocurrency, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer, or add any virtual credits to any player and accept cash in hand or any other method that meets your requirements.
  • Full unencrypted source code betting scripts: When you purchase any Altenabet betting script, you will receive quick full source code download access, allowing you to change any design, feature, or function by simply editing the PHP, Cake, or MySQL code structure as you see fit.
  • Control your win percentage in the casino and betting easily. The administrator has complete control over the maximum winnings, minimum deposits, and win percentages on all casino games, sports betting, and poker.

Betting script spin-offs

We have produced a few other ones with different colors but have preserved the popular BET365-styled theme design for people who are looking for the Bet365 structure but different colored themes.

  • The betting script allows you to easily change the color. Simply update the CSS file to alter the colors, buttons, and theme to create new and fantastic designs. Remember, there are no encrypted parts of the source code, which means you can add or change anything in the code.

  • Modify the graphics of casino games. Unencrypted source code also allows you to change the real casino game images, reskin the entire game, and add your own branded logo to display when starting a casino game, which is a highly popular feature.

  • Hire us to customize your own Bet365-inspired betting script and let us do all the hard work while you sit back with a cup of coffee and let us do the magic instead.

Betting script features & requirements to operate

Server requirement

You will require a VPS server, but you may also choose a VDS or dedicated server. Installing the betting script is quick and easy; simply follow the accompanying step-by-step guide from the downloaded zip file, which will be available once you purchase a betting script from our shop.

We recommend as a server provider because they have good servers at great prices, but you can use any server provider you want. Just make sure you get Centos 7, and then simply follow the included installation manual to set up the betting script like our demo and make any customizations you want.

Purchase betting script

Normally, we propose that you purchase a betting script directly from our online shop; once your payment has been completed, you will have access to the betting script source code download on your account within 5–20 minutes.
Feel free to say hello in our live chat if you have any questions or would like to make a purchase with our live personnel. Remember, we need to sleep sometimes, so if we don’t respond right away, simply ping us again later or complete the transaction in the shop.

Source code

The Altenabet Bet365-themed betting scripts are all created with PHP, Cake, and Mysql and contain well-structured code that is very straightforward for any basic-trained developer to follow and update. We constructed this code from the bottom up and organized every folder, path, and structure so that it will be easy to modify, maintain, and customize, assuming you know the basic programming languages PHP and Cake.

Free odds data

We have built in an odds data API from Betclick into the Altenabet Bet365 themed betting scripts and other scripts listed under the “free odds data” shop category, which basically populates your purchased betting script from us with 24/7 live in-play odds data, pre-matches, and over 80.000+ monthly events across 40+ sports, and you do not need to pay anything; it’s all included in the one-time payment once you buy our official betting scripts from our shop.

BET365 inspired betting scripts

Free odds data included




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